The Quinta de Lourosa is very a cozy family home and, at the same time, a testing zone in the Vinhos Verdes region


When you arrive Quinta de Lourosa, ring the bell at the entrance, a little bit hidden by the wisteria. Castro’s family won’t certainly be too far, somewhere around the 27 hectares of vineyard, among Alvarinho, Loureiro or even some red varieties that also grow in these fields.

Quinta de Lourosa has records since 1675, when a chapel served the entire village. Today the chapel is still in the middle of the vineyards, but the walls in ruins denounce the passage of many harsh winters!

It is a very rainy region, which explains the abundant vegetation throughout the year, and is essentially why we still call it “Vinhos Verdes” (green wines)

I spent one night in the quiet countryside, in one of the eight rooms of the house, each named after a grape variety planted on the estate. I stayed at the Merlot! Yes, Merlot in Vinho Verde, another experience of the Castro family 😉

And let me tell you that waking up in the middle of all that green and hearing nothing but the wind blowing and the birds chirping outside, is the best therapy one can have!

If the awakening was good, the breakfast was even better! How long has breakfast been served to your table? At Quinta de Lourosa I was spoiled at this point!

In the dining room sheltered by sturdy stone walls, I was expected to sit at the table with everything good to eat: assorted breads with cheese and jam, coffee, fresh orange juice, fruit and croissants. All this combined with comforting silence broken only by presence of a family of lovely Irish who were already staying in the farm for almost two weeks!

After this repast, Joana de Castro took me to visit all corners of the farm that has been the stage of studies and experiences in the development of the vineyard and wine production.

With the sound of water running in small waterfalls as background music, Joana showed me the differences between the old vineyards formed in high steps, in a kind of “vineyard museum”, and the modern vineyards where her father, Rogério de Castro develops a training system created by himself!

I could not leave without first tasting some of the many of wines produced at Quinta de Lourosa – whites, reds and sparkling wines.

In the old kitchen of the housekeepers, today transformed into a shop and tasting room, I tasted Quinta de Lourosa Alvarinho, the wine that best expresses the philosophy of the house. It is very citrus and mineral at the same time, with some complexity at the end – as well as the Vinha Lourosa – a fresh and floral wine, good to join you in an afternoon by the pool!

Because Minho is not only about rainy days, the country hotel of Quinta de Lourosa also has very a tempting pool surrounded by vineyards, which I could not resist in that warm weekend of June – always with a glass of wine close by!