From wine to sculptures, everything in Quinta dos Vales is an ode to art


We all know some of the best Portuguese beaches are in the Algarve, but I cannot fail to share that the wine from here is getting better by the year, and causing stir. Thus, I do recommend coming and visiting the vineyards and cellars, tasting the wines and even stopping for a pool swim facing the grapevines. That’s what I did at Quinta dos Vales!


Tired of moving around between aseptic airports and dull meetings all over the world, Karl Heinz Stock, German, chose retirement but soon understood that idleness wasn’t his cup of tea. At the time, he already knew the Algarve. Hence, he set himself to find a country property that would allow him to come and spend a few seasons under the sun.


Said ‘seasons’ became a permanent arrangement, when he decided to become a winemaker and produce the best possible wine in the Algarve. Karl himself says that, had he known the amount of work the venture would entail, he would not have gone down that road! From the very first harvest, however, the Marquês dos Vales Grace Viogner, has been subject to multiple international awards.


Other than wine, the owner enjoys sculpting. Combining both interests, Karl crowded the estate gardens with his fun and colourful pieces. From hippos in love and flying elephants, to chubby dancers and a giant cat, these and other characters are scattered around the property, keeping visitors company.



As far as the region itself goes, Karl says his grapevines are very similar to those in the Douro, as the valley where the estate is located keeps them protected from the chilly Atlantic Ocean winds… I believe this could be an interesting topic for more proficient enthusiasts to argue over; In the meantime, I’ll help myself to a glass of one of his whites (doesn’t matter which, all so fresh, but intensely flavoured) and will set off to Quinta dos Vales ‘infinity edged’ pool for a swim, as part of my own Summer-in-the-Algarve survival strategy!