Quinta da Aveleda wines are undoubtedly privileged for coming from such a charming place!


This is where some of the most internationally well known Portuguese Vinho Verde comes from, from the popular Casal Garcia, to the top of the line Quinta da Aveleda Reserva.  Here, Alvarinho grape is the main reason for exclusive white wines, extremely fresh and pleasantly acidic!


In spite of a prolific background, the story behind the current estate dates back to 1850, when it was purchased by Manoel Pedro Guedes. Tired of politics, Manoel Pedro decided to swap city living for this, utterly covered in ivy, green manor.

You will easily get lost and distracted by the lovely nooks in the endless gardens surrounding the residence – a beautiful botanical oasis indeed, crowed by luxurious green and dimly lit by sunlight!



Among hundreds of flowers and plant species, making a worldwide tourist attraction in its own right, you will find several lakes and the famous Follies – whimsical and intriguing stone works that became part of Aveleda as time went by, each with its own story.

The one that caught my attention was Torre das Cabras (Goat Tower) where, on the spiral steps, dwarf goats wander about, symbols of fertility and abundance. They hold such special status in the estate that one of Quinta da Aveleda wines was named Follies.



A visit to the old mystic cellar will make you wonder. Coming in, your senses are struck by the smell of damp wood and soft Gregorian chants. Surrounded by the numerous casks, that have been holding treasures in the making for more than 10 years, rests a lit bell jar. It showcases the first Adega Velha brandy, together with the bottle, brought all the way from Russia and that inspired the current design.



I left Quinta da Aveleda in awe over such magical setting. But the best mementos were definitely the wines, cheese and jams that I took from the unmissable Aveleda Shop!