Paço dos Cunhas de Santar puts together good vibes and good flavours!


The estate, Cunhas de Santar family’s Palace, is located in the Dão region, in Santar to be more precise, a small town where typical homes are built with rough stone, just like this palace-like manor.


You’ll walk through a very tall gate, immediately into the front courtyard, with a view over the garden. Here, you’ll notice straight away the elegant and refined work that combines modern architecture with the original building from 1609.

After some political turmoil, the then owner, D. Pedro da Cunha, was forced to flee the country. The people of Santar, feeling betrayed and abandoned, marched in and wrecked the residence, leaving it to rot. Only a century later did rebuilding take place, and in 2004, the estate was bought by the current owners, that turned it into the wine tourism business we have today.


What brought me to Paço dos Cunhas de Santar was the wine, just one of the its many gems! Here, two wine references are produced – the Vinha do Contador and Nature – the latter coming from a fully bio grapevine. The wine is made with local grape varieties such as Alfrocheiro, Jaen and Touriga Nacional for reds, and Malvasia for whites. As expected coming from Dão, the wines are well structured, fragrant and very elegant.

Other charming features of the estate are its wine bar and restaurant, offering signature cuisine. Here, the Chef uses local produce to bring the meal up to the refined level of the wines!


Thus, not only do I recommend coming to the restaurant, but also to visit to the old weapons room and the old stone lagar. Alternatively, take your time strolling in the beautifully romantic style gardens, either for the sheer enjoyment of the peace and tranquility such a place offers, or to build up your appetite, for you will sure need it!