The calm village of Cheleiros has no longer been the same after the arrival of the Manz family!


In 2004, the Manz family found in this village, belonging to the borough of Mafra, the perfect place to bring the wine producing dream to life. ‘I don’t want to produce a lot if wine; What I want is good wine’ is Manzwine motto.


Focusing on recuperating the wine production in Cheleiros, the family took the old building, once a mill and the local primary school, and turned it into a museum, wine shop, tasting room and cellar.

On the first floor of the old mill is the museum, displaying fossils, old agricultural artifacts and other instruments once used in wine making. These objects where collected in the vicinity, or donated by those from Cheleiros who wished to contribute somehow to enrich the space.


The ground floor still houses the original mill, inoperative, in a room with several shelves filled with bottles of Manzwine produce.  The wine production takes place across the square, in the former primary school, where a small cellar and wine storage facilities were lodged.



The history, tradition and architecture of the village was fully acknowledged and respected upon restoration of the property. Not even the old medieval bridge was forgotten, having been rebranded as the leitmotif of the company’s business identity.

As for the wine, something unique that found in Manzwine was Jampal variety. This white grape was almost extinct in Portugal when the company decided to retrieve it and today is proud to be the only producer in the country to vinify and sell it! This one and many other wines can be found in several wine shops all over Portugal, but if you drink it at its cellar of origin, at Cheleiros, it tastes a thousand times better!